City of Rupert

Rupert has a rich heritage with a Historic Business District that extends around Rupert Square, which is the heart of Rupert. The Renaissance Arts Center, Inc. has been renovating the historic 1920 flatiron Wilson Building and Theatre for the past several years. When finished, it will house retail space, a community center and the grand theater. In the center of the Square is a park with a gazebo that hosts many annual events. Free Rupert Square walking tour brochures are available at the Minidoka County Museum or the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce.

Shoppers on and around the square can find a variety of specialty shops, including a quilting shop, bookstore, shoestore, flower shop and restaurants.  Many of the shops are located in historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Besides community events, history and shopping, Rupert offers many recreational opportunities for visitors. Thanks to the work of various service groups, there are miles of paths for walkers, joggers, bicyclists and in-line skating enthusiasts.

Mayor:Mike Brown
City Council: Craig Swenson, Tammy Jones, James Bowers, and Todd McGhie

Additional Info

  • Mayor: Mike Brown
  • City Council: Craig Swenson, Tammy Jones, Joel Heward, and Todd McGhie
  • Office Phone: (208) 436-9600
  • Population: 5,303
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