Jackie Larson

Jackie Larson

Jackie Larson is the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce Office Administrator.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Mini-Cassia Chamber Ambassadors hosted a ribbon cutting at Minidoka Home Health and Hospice, to commemorate their grand opening.  The business is owned by Minidoka Memorial Hospital and is managed by Joye Simpson. Business hours are 8am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday; they have a 24/7 on call nurse who can be reached at 436-9019.  They are located at 1218 9th St. Suite 4 in Rupert.

Big River Clean Sweep is owned and operated by Jeff hawker.  Call 219-4757 for fast service.

Dennis Jackson of Burley was Thursday's winner of Mini-Cassia Trivia.  Congratulations Dennis!  Enjoy spending your $50 in Chamber Cash!

Gerri Rogers is our Wednesday's night winner of Mini-Cassia Trivia.  Gerri lives in Rupert.


223 Scott Ave

Rupert, ID 83350


Arrowhead Potato Company was established in 1995 and was sold to Moss Produce LLC in 2007.  Arrowhead is a fresh potato pack plant and sells over the United States.  They sell Russet Burbank, Norkotah, French Fingerling, Russian Banana, and Yukon Gold.  Ron Price, General Manager, said the prices of potatoes will still be good but not as high as last year.  Arrowhead Potato Company not only sells to large companies but will sell to the walk-in individual.

Becky Penri of Burley is Tuesday's winner of $50 in Chamber Cash.  Becky brought her father in to help spend her Chamber Cash at the Chambers' Idaho Gift Shop.  Her father was stationed on a ship during World War II.  They will be attending a reunion of his shipmates at Eugene, Oregon and will be taking products from Idaho.  Her father is known to his shipmates as "Idaho".  Thank you for playing Mini-Cassia Trivia, Becky! 

Meadow Tracey was the Friday night winner of the Minidoka County Fair.  Meadow won $50 in Chamber Cash which she can spend at over 50 participating merchants.

Marcus Meek Lesson, Sales, Repair Center

1012 E Main

Burley, ID 83318

Brittney Byers of Paul was Thursday nights winner of Mini-Cassia Trivia!  Brittney won $50 in Chamber Cash that she can spend at over 50 participating merchants.  When asked what she was going to spend her Chamber Cash on she didn't even hesitate and said "shoes!".

Marita Wight of Rupert was Wednesday nights winner of Mini-Cassia Trivia at the Minidoka County Fair.  Marita won $50 in Chamber Cash that she can spend at over 50 participating merchants in the Mini-Cassia area.  Congratulations Marita!

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