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It's Fair Time!

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August has to be one of my favorite times of the year.  The golden fields of grain are being harvested.  We have the hot summer days with the cools summer nights, and most of all, it’s fair time. I can remember going to the rodeo every night to watch the events. Every time I hear “Ocean Front Property” by George Strait, it takes me back to the days of sitting with family watching the rodeos.

I think one of the most impressive parts of the rodeo for me has always been the very beginning when the announcer would play “Why I love America” by John Wayne. As the flags would come into the arena, the National Anthem would be sang, and the Cowboy’s Prayer given―I had a tear in my eye thinking of what a great country we live in.  Not only do we live in a great country, but we live in a great state and community. 

 It’s always impressive watching the talented stock riders, ropers, and pole benders, not to mention the barrel racers.  I never tire of seeing the Cassia County Posse and the Minidoka County Wranglers with their fast paced horsemanship skills weaving in and out making figure 8’s and pinwheel motions. The time and dedication it takes for the riders is displayed with their precision riding.

Fair time is also when community members come together. During the fair I get the opportunity to speak with friends who I may not have seen since the last fair.  We talk, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company as we reminisce about what has happened over the years.

And we can’t forget the fair burgers, corn on the cob and, of course, my favorite―the maple bars. Great food for all to enjoy! During fair season, all diets and healthy eating habits can be put on hold. Fair-food is food for the soul. At least, that is my personal take on it.

It’s always fun to go through the Commercial Building to see and support local businesses. The outdoor vendors and exhibits are also fun to see the newest products on the market.

August also brings us back to the school year. Parents hustling to get their children ready for school to start. New school clothes, backpacks, supplies, and the excitement of the first day back to class.

Have you taken an interest in your students’ school activities? Have you taken an interest in what classes your children are taking? I ask these questions more for those who have students in the junior high and high school. Statistics show parents who take a vested interest in their children’s career paths at a younger age help prepare them to be more successful in the future.  Starting with the 7th grade, career exploration should begin. 

There are many ways to begin the career exploration process. Some of these could include, job shadowing, apprenticeship/internship opportunities, and with today’s technology, YouTube videos are available for career exploration. Volunteer opportunities also exist as a form of career exploration. 

Contact your local schools and the counselors to find out what your student are learning and what opportunities may exist for them. Reach out to local businesses and explore the careers that exist locally. We have great jobs, great people, and a great community right here!

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