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Where Did the Month of June Go?

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Where did the month of June go?  What a crazy month it was and how fast the summer seems to be going by.  By now you know, our President and CEO Kae Cameron has left our Chamber for other opportunities. Kae has served our Chamber for many years and has proved her dedication and loyalty to our cause.  Although she has not gone far, she will be missed in the Chamber office.

For the past month, the executive board has been reviewing resumes and recruiting for a new president and CEO of the Chamber. We have finally selected a candidate and are pleased to announce the new president and CEO of the Chamber is Kyla Sawyer.  I will let her publish her own biography and tell more about herself, but we feel confident she will make the transition seamless as we continue to do business serving each of you as a successful Chamber.

In an attempt to be transparent and informative of the selection process, I would like to provide a little information on how the decision was made. Resumes were collected from interested applicants and a selection committee was assigned to assist in the recruitment. The committee selected the top five resumes for the candidates they felt were most qualified for the position. Each of those candidates was then called and scheduled for an interview. Interviews were conducted on June 9th by the selection committee.

During the interview process, each applicant was given three scenarios to review. They were allowed 40 minutes to prepare responses to each of the scenarios and present the information to the panel of interviewers. The panel consisted of four board members. After the responses to the scenarios were given, the panel continued with interview questions. A rubric was developed to score each of the applicants. The selection committee scored the applicants, then discussed the outcomes. 

After the selection committee identified the top candidate, a presentation was made to the Board of Directors with a suggested name for hire. The board approved the individual and a job offer was made.  We are happy to announce Kyla Sawyer to fill the new position.

As a closing note, we all encounter change in business and in life.  As we transition with a new president and CEO, I would encourage you to reach out again to the Chamber and get to know Kyla. We are excited for the new ideas and energy she will bring. Again we are grateful to the time and dedication Kae Cameron has given to our community over the past year, and we are excited for new opportunities in the community.

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