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2014 Businessman of the Year Friday, 14 November 2014 18:52

We honored Dr. Bill Williams, the 2014 Businessman of the Year at at banquet held on November 13, 2014.

Bill R. Williams is the son of Shelby and Louise Williams of Buhl.  They farmed by Buhl and also raised cattle.  He was joined by a little brother in 1951. 

Bill graduated from Buhl High School in 1965. He attended College of Idaho, and graduated with a degree in Zoology and subsequently went to Pacific University to attend Optometry School. Bill met Carolyn Kennedy at Pacific.

Bill and Carolyn were married in 1972. They had two daughters, Darcy in 1978 and Annie in 1981. Darcy went to photography school and is living in Portland, Oregon and has recently gone back to school at Portland State and has a son, Archie. Annie and her husband, Jeff, have 5 children, Selah, Karis, Shalom, Rhys, and Gabe. They currently live in Asia.  They are linguists and are learning an unwritten language in hopes of building a written language and a New Testament in that language – a process that takes about 25 years.

Bill is an active member of Rupert Rotary Club and the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce. Business is one of Bill's strengths. It is in his servant attitude and consistent "be there" work ethic that we are honored him at this event.

Events like these would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors.  We want to thank our Event Sponsor, Zions Bank; Gold Sponsors, DL Evans Bank, Valley Agronomics; Silver Sponsors, The Voice/Times News, Minidoka Memorial Hospital, First Federal; Bronze Sponsors, Idaho Power, Amalgamated Sugar Co., Industrial Ventilation Inc., Mart Produce, Schow's, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Rupert Discount Store and Barclay Mechanical Services.

2014 Farmers of the Year Friday, 14 November 2014 18:34

We honored Tim and Jana Darrington on November 13 at banquet held in their honor.

Tim Darrington is the son of Leroy and Minnie Darrington. Tim is a third generation farmer.  He grew up on a small dairy farm in Declo. Tim and his five siblings still live and work within a 10 mile radius of each other. Tim graduated from Declo High School and attended Ricks College

Jana is the daughter of Clyde and Carole Rogers. Jana grew up in Paul, and being the only daughter, her five brothers picked up the slack on the farm. Jana graduated from Minico High School, and after high school, she worked for a time then attended technical school. 

Tim and Janna married in 1974 they have two sons and two daughters. They both agree that their children, Cade, Michael, Melissa and Jill, their spouses and their beautiful grandchildren completely fill their hearts. 

As their family grew so did their farming operation which expanded in the Declo area and into Minidoka County. They purchased Jana’s parents farm north of Paul, maintaining a rotation of crops.  Tim also does a fair amount of custom work and enjoys raising a small cow/calf herd.

Tim and Jana, consider themselves true partners, complimenting each others strengths and abilities. “It’s not always been easy but it’s been a rich and fulfilling journey where each stage of life brings unexpected joys,” said Tim.

Events like these would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors.  We want to thank our Event Sponsor, Zions Bank; Gold Sponsors, DL Evans Bank, Valley Agronomics; Silver Sponsors, The Voice/Times News, Minidoka Memorial Hospital, First Federal; Bronze Sponsors, Idaho Power, Amalgamated Sugar Co., Industrial Ventilation Inc., Mart Produce, Schow's, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Rupert Discount Store and Barclay Mechanical Services.


2014 Leadership Class to begin in January Wednesday, 07 December 2011 19:53

The Leadership Challenge

One measure of a community’s greatness is the voluntary contributions made by its leaders.  The future of our community is closely tied to the quality and commitment of our next generation of leaders; the individuals who are needed to serve on boards, commissions, in community groups and in elected positions.  This kind of leadership talent must be aggressively sought out, nurtured and given the tools to lead successfully.  As we look out into the community, many of the most profound accomplishments have been made possible through the leadership of volunteers giving of their time and talents.  The Chamber is a wonderful example of volunteer leadership.  It’s Board of Directors as well as all of the committees and task forces are made up of volunteers that give of their time and share their expertise and talents.  We need to realize that it takes the efforts of willing leaders to build and better the community.

The business community and individuals can be a part of building leaders for tomorrow by nurturing potential leaders today.  Seeking out opportunities for those with leadership talent, providing responsibilities in daily routine or through special projects, companies can teach and cultivate the leadership abilities of their staff thus producing leaders for their organization for years to come.  Individuals may also be proactive in seeking out opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and volunteer for such leadership roles that will give them the chance to stretch and practice their abilities to direct and accomplish results through group actions.

The Chamber sees this nurturing or leadership as a vital part of sustaining the growth of our community.  We admonish and invite the businesses in our area to review what they are doing to foster leadership in their companies and how they can foster leadership talent or allow those with demonstrated skills to apply their talent.  We invite individuals and the business community to become more active in volunteering their time to build the community in whatever capacity they see fit.

The Chamber, understanding the importance of nourishing new leaders and helping to foster leadership talent, instituted the Leadership Program in 2004.  Taking cues from the many wonderful programs already in place throughout the United States and Idaho, the Chamber will enter its eighth year hosting the leadership program.

This eight month program is geared at cultivating the needed talents, knowledge and networks that help create an effective leader. Each year, the aim of the program is to increase a base of informed and capable leaders who are committed to using their talents to meet the needs of our businesses and community.

All of the sessions are designed to be highly interactive, stimulating and thought provoking.  A typical day might involve a fast-paced combination of group discussion, exercises, field trips and presentations by respected local leaders.  Class sessions will be held in locations appropriate to the topic, the community is the classroom.  The instruction will not reflect any one solution or political viewpoint but rather will present varied and diverse approaches to problem solving.  Participants will be expected to share their unique experiences and learn from one another.

The 2014 program will be held once a month typically from eight-thirty in the morning to five in the afternoon.  Areas of exploration in 2014 will include:  Personal Leadership Skills, Industry & Agriculture, Local Government, Health Care, Education, Law & Justice, Media, and Tourism.  2014 Mini-Cassia Leadership will begin on January 16, 2014 and graduation will be in August.  If you or someone in your company would like to participate, the registration deadline is January 13, 2014 and class space is limited to 18 participants.  Tuition is $395, all transportation, meals and materials will be provided.  Tuition must be paid prior to the first session.  For more information, please call the Chamber at 679-4793.

This community draws strength and moves forward through the efforts and abilities of those who are willing to work at making a difference.  Leadership is not only the directing and teaching of others, but more importantly the courage to take that first step towards getting something done.

August Member Spotlight Thursday, 03 June 2010 17:14
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:37

June Economic Outlook

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Economic Outlook
Mini-Cassia Economic Development Commission
Sherri Miles, Chair

Here we are almost six months or half way into 2010 and it seems that companies are starting to look at relocating their businesses again. For those of us in economic development January 2010 was sluggish with only two Requests for Information (RFI).

In February 2010 we received one RFI from the State of Idaho, Department of Commerce that we were unable to meet their criteria.

In March 2010 I received one lead from another community in our region, but we were unable to meet the criteria required.

April 2010 has been much busier with three RFI's from the State of Idaho, Department of Commerce and we have been able to submit proposals on all three.

So far in May 2010 we have received two RFI's, one from the state and one from Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO). We were unable to send a proposal for the RFI from the state because we could not meet the criteria, but sent in proposals on five properties in the Mini-Cassia area on the SIEDO lead.

The call I received in March 2010 from Shoshone was to see if we had anything in our area to meet the criteria for a company they had been working with. Instead of telling the company that they were unable to meet their criteria and watch them walk out the door they continued to work with them. Shoshone understood the benefit of having that company continue to look in Southern Idaho and if there was nothing in Southern Idaho then do everything in their/our power to at least find them a location somewhere in Idaho. It turned out that, after researching possible properties and buildings, we were unable to meet the company's criteria as well, but I contacted some other communities in Southern Idaho and we were able to find property and a building in another community in Southern Idaho that last time I checked was moving forward.

We would love all the new company's to be in our city, but if not in our city then in our county, and if not in our county then in our region, and if not in our region at least somewhere in the State of Idaho. The lesson here would be that the Southern Idaho economic developers work together as a team to grow Southern Idaho and the Great State of Idaho.

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